Our America Initiative Foundation Projects

Mock Presidential Debates

Our America Initiative Foundation is planning to sponsor in 2015 a series of professionally moderated debates that include a leading national political spokesperson from the Democratic, Republican, Libertarian and Green Parties. The idea is to include in the debates the political parities who were able to gather enough state ballot access in 2012 that their respective Presidential candidates could have conceivably won the Electoral College.

With this broad scope of participants the debate discussion will be expanded beyond the format and topics of the traditional Presidential Debates. New ideas and solutions will be presented. The debates will be held with a live audience on college campuses.   Media will be present and the entire event will be broadcast on the Internet.

More information coming...

Lectures and Symposiums 

Events to be scheduled featuring noted speakers on important topics of the day.  These events will include a discussion format where participants and the audience can interact and exchange important information and opinions on possible solutions to current problems facing the country today. More information coming...

Research Projects

Understanding the opinions of Americans as they relate to important current national and local problems is paramount in the process of finding solutions. Our America Initiative Foundation will commission social research projects to understand the needs, desires and opinions of Americans and targeted electorate.  More information coming...